Self Love Intention Bath Soak - Self Love Is The Best Love


Name of Bath Salt: Self Love Is The Best Love

Intention: Self Love

Ingredients: Rose Petals, Lavender, Alaea Red Salt, Himalayan Sea Salt, and Dead Sea Salt. 

All ingredients properties helps to promote love, passion, healing, purity, remove negative blockage,  protection.


Have you ever heard of intention baths or even intention showers?  Some call it bath rituals.

A bath ritual is your time to spend 25 minutes getting clarity and setting intentions for different aspects of your life and let everything negative go down the drain.

Spiritual intention baths don’t involve soap and a shave; Sherman calls for specific essential oils, crystals,  botanicals , herb , and other high-vibe components that match what you'd like to amplify in your life, whether it's your career, love life, or self care.


Get into our love intention bath essentials. 

Our LOVE ALL OVER ME bath soaks helps you to set your most desired love intention.  

Look below for all the benefits that our bath soak brings to one to help set the intention of love.

•HIMALAYAN PINK SALT brings attraction, love , passion, protect relationships, remove negative energy. 

DEAD SEA  SALT helps to heal, purification, and cleansing. 

RED SALT bring love, passion, protection. 

ROSE PETALS & ROSE ESSENTIAL OIL can promote love and stimulate one's sex drive also brings in luck or as a form of protection.. It is used to enhance female intuition since it is a flower closely linked to female energy

LAVENDER BUDS & LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL are known to represent purity, silence, devotion serenity, grace and calmness.